Authentic recipes from around the globe, cherry-picked natural flavours and natural ingredients
of the highest quality, no substitutes, additives or preservatives of any kind.
It's gourmet, It's Happily Ever After!

  • Amazing to get in Trivandrum European specialities that not only approach the originals but surpass them. I speak for example from the amazing Apple Strudel (Viennese style), the Chocolate Italian Cake, the Éclairs, etc. My personal favourite is the Lumberjack Cake!
    My family (always waking up after the Indian breakfast-Time) was so happy to have an alternative to toast bread: Challah Bread and Anadama Mini Bread.
    Now back in Germany, I miss several things from India, 'Happily Ever After' is one!

    Tessa Zentis

    Course Instructor, German as Foreign Language and Teacher Trainer

  • Products from HEA are truly great and perhaps in a league of their own. The freshest and most authentic ingredients are imported from the best producers across the globe and this reveals many dimensions of flavours that most bakeries cannot bring forward in their products.

    Anand Bose Subash

    Engineering Student

  • We really love the Happily ever after homemade cakes. Delicious! The flourless cakes are must-try. Great flavour and texture and very different from the cakes you get from the bakeries.

    Sandhya and family

    Manager, RBI

  • We have been buying cakes and sweets from you for the last 5 years and each one is better than the other. Your brownies and blondies are truly delicious. Also Humming Bird Cake, Sacher Torte, and of course Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have also tasted your bread and loved it. Looking forward to tasting all the other goodies you bake.

    Nalini & Mohan Babu

    Housewife, Govt Service

  • We were fortunate to taste some truly authentic cakes, thanks to HEA. Had ordered four times and every time the experience was beyond all expectations. Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise was an absolute stunner. The chocolate tasted different from any that we had before. We later found that the chocolate was a very special variety brought from Belgium. San Rival just melted in our tongues. The children attacked it with gusto and the cake disappeared within minutes leaving no trace whatsoever. This is a cake made of nuts-flour and meringue and it is free of gluten.
    We trust them for using high-quality ingredients and natural flavours. This is one of a kind in this part of the world.

    Rajeev Kumaraswamy

    Consultant Engineer