About us

We are a passion-driven small-scale family business based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This is the story of our humble journey from being curious to being epicures, this is the story of Happily Ever After, creators of gourmet baked foods!


Chapter: 1 – Our Story

We always liked good food and like any sweet-tooth, ’Dessert’ would always be the most exciting part of our meal. Our curiosity and open-mindedness have led us to explore the vast world of food. We dived deep down into nuances of baked food recipes, culinary techniques, ingredients and much more. Not only did we stumble upon many wonderful gastronomic surprises along the way, but also the dark side of this field in which profit-driven malpractices of substitutes, preservatives and additives have prevailed.

We were not ready to accept this harmful state of affairs and decided to take on the mission to create honest and high-quality baked products. After a few batches of discarded batter and burnt cakes, we quickly became adept with the ‘Art of Baking’. Inspired by a popular tagline ”The best or nothing” we finally had a clear picture of what we wanted and decided to take things up several notches!

Now after half a decade, a few gastronomic journeys to some fine destinations, countless hours of researching the best ingredients and recipes, days of ardent experimentation and a few years of serving a close-knit group of customers, we are proud to share our own innovative products and authentic recipes from around the globe that are fine-tuned to near-perfection! We are ready to serve all lovers of gourmet baked foods!


Chapter: 2 – Why the name ‘Happily Ever After’?!

This chapter goes back to a time when we were wondering what to call us, this venture of ours. Struggling to find a satisfactory name and stuck with many ‘cliched’ and ‘corporate-ish’ names, we finally decided to meet a family friend of ours, who happened to be a ‘wizard’ in the field of advertising. It was amidst that interesting conversation that the words ‘Happily Ever After’ casually sprung up from one of us and he gently interrupted us saying, (quote) “ That’s it! You’ve said it yourselves!”, we all couldn’t agree more, our new-found name and the simple but deeper meaning it carried- ‘What one wishes when someone orders a cake or something sweet for a happy occasion, what one feels when they share it or cherish it, it’s the same thing we wish for when we deliver the cake to a customer or when we follow this ‘sweet’ passion of ours, it’s nothing but a ‘Happily Ever After’! In short, it defines us!