Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise


One of our best sellers! Hazelnut meringue layers sandwiched and topped with rich chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise is a delicious French dessert cake that is made up of 5 thin layers of Hazelnut meringue, sandwiched and topped with chocolate mousse. Toasted Hazelnuts are powdered and mixed with stiffened egg-whites and baked to thin sheets to form Hazelnut Dacquoise.

The fact that this cake is 'Flourless' makes it suitable for people suffering from Gluten sensitivity!

What makes this cake special?!

- Finest couverture chocolate from Belgium.

- Premium quality Turkish Hazelnut.

- Natural Bourbon vanilla extract featuring premium Madagascar beans.

Shelf life & Storage:

This is a temperature sensitive cake. Keep refrigerated always. Do not Freeze. Consume within 6 days.


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Allergic Information

Dairy, Nuts, Eggs.