Sans Rival


A French-Filipino dessert cake made of layers of French Vanilla buttercream and Pistachios- Almond meringue layers.

'Sans Rival' which literally means 'without rival' is yet another Dacquoise recipe made out of 5 layers of Pistachios-Almond Meringue filled and topped with French Vanilla Buttercream. Toasted Pistachios and Almonds are powdered and mixed with stiffened egg-whites and baked to thin sheets to form Pistachios-Almond Dacquoise.

The fact that this cake is 'Flourless' makes it suitable for people suffering from Gluten sensitivity!

What makes this cake special?!

- Premium Californian Almonds and Iranian Pistachios.

- Natural Bourbon vanilla extract featuring premium Madagascar beans.

Size & Servings:

7 inches in diameter, Serves 10-12 wedges.

Shelf life & Storage:

This is a temperature sensitive cake. Keep refrigerated always. Do not Freeze. Thaw at least 15 Minutes before consumption to enjoy its best texture and taste. Consume within 6 days.


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Allergic Information

Dairy, Nuts, Eggs.